saint catherine medallion
st catherine of siena medal
saint catherine of siena medal
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st catherine medallion

st catherine pendant

saint catherine of siena medallion

  • Saint Catherine had immense compassion for people who were sick and she devoted a lot
  • of energy helping and serving them This is why she is the patron of sickness, illness,
    nurses and nosing services.
  • During her visions, St Catherine is said to have fallen into fires without getting burned.
    She is the patron of fires and firefighters.
  • St Catherine is the patron of mothers and miscarriages because she is believed to be a spiritual, other and teacher of God.
  • Catherine was mocked for her fervent devotion and she is the patron of people who are ridiculed for their piety.
  • Plagued by temptations and overcoming them, she is the patron saint of temptation.

    A Saint Catherine medal has special meaning for anyone who is a healer, nurse, or is ill. She is also close to firefighters and mothers. She can have comfort and meaning for those who fear or have had a miscarriage. All of us who are tempted by sin can find remembrance of our faith in God through Saint Catherine. If we have been ridiculed for our Catholic faith then we may identify with her. People with the name Catherine or who have chosen this name on their Confirmation can use her image as a remembrance of this holy sacrament and it's meaning in their life.


Wearing Christian & Catholic jewelry is a way for believers to express their faith and devotion and a continuous reminder of God's love for us.

Christian jewelry was worn as early as the very beginnings of Christianity. It was used by Christians to discretely identify each other while keeping their faith secret from the ruling Roman Culture who persecuted them at that time.

Examples of Christian jewelry include;

The Crucifix is a symbol of Jesus' triumph over death and a symbol of our death to ourselves and eternal life in Jesus. This means our forsaking of worldly values and embracing oneness, wholeness and the Kingdom of God.

The Crucifix is a variation of the simple cross. The crucifix features an image of Christ on it while the cross remains empty. There are other variations and styles of the standard cross such as Orthodox, Celtic,Greek, Phos Zoe and crosses featuring saints on them.

Other types of religious jewelry for Christians & Catholics include;

Coin Pendants - During the days of Emperor Constantine coins were minted with images of Christ and the cross on them. Saint medals are a variation of coin-like pendants.

Angel Jewelry - Angels are God's messengers and our personal guardians. Angels worn as jewelry are very popular and can be worn as pendants, lapel pins, necklaces or earrings.

Chastity Rings - Help remind the wearer of the faith they adhere to, support their desire to follow it.

Saint Medals - signify a person's special relationship with the saint. Personal attributes, a trade or vocation, hobbies or afflictions, or a persons name, can all give a saint medal meaning to an individual. Saint medals are commonly given as gifts on a child's Confirmation, Communion or Baptism. It is a practice that on a child Confirmation day, he or she chooses a saints name to take as their own. A saint with this chosen name can have special sentimental value on that day and throughout her life as a reminder of this holy sacrament and its meaning in her life.

saint catherine pendant

Christian jewelry worn to express ones religious faith is very beautiful. We invite you to our religious jewelry store to explore our many selections. We know you will be blessed by the religious faith jewelry designs and the inspirational messages they represent.

- Beverly Roberts

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saint catherine of siena pendant

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st catherine of siena medallion

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st catherine of siena necklace

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